Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Highlights and Lows of 2013

Highlights and lows of my 2013:
I was sworn in, at, on and did my fair share as well. I spoke in public, a LOT. I wrote, researched, and wrote some more, emailed until my eyes crossed, answered phone calls until I lost my voice.

I lost friends through death, attrition, moving, lying, cheating, or loony tunes behavior (them, not me). I gained friends, even a Big Fat Liar and a potter.

I lost a job due to a corporation that is heartless and uses questionable business practices towards their vendors. I lost my mind, once, and made a poor choice, since rectified.

I gained weight. I lost weight. I found the weight I’d lost. Again.

I traveled for my community in my official capacity to conferences, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, to games, to plays, to talent shows, to academic team matches, robotics tournaments, choral events, to more meetings in a year than I’d had my entire previous 44 years.

I traveled for fun more this year than I had in a long, long time, and enjoyed every blinking minute with the exception of having to almost knock out my driver for a potty break. Kiva, camels do NOT have 2 legs, mmmmk???

I’ve held my friends’ hands, they’ve held mine. I’ve hugged and been hugged, dried tears and had my own swept away on gales of laughter. I’ve laughed with, at, around, for, in spite of and loudly.

I’ve tasted good wines and bad beers.

I’ve mended fences, and burned bridges.

I’ve I killed my garage door, twice.

I’ve listened to my dishwasher sing the song of its people in death throes of 3 octave Tibetan chords.

I’ve listened to my daughters singing in my ride, usually at the top of their voices and always in harmony. Well, sometimes in harmony, but always hilariously. I’ve listened to their laughter, their cries, their angst, and their sighs.

I met a new “daughter” in Ami, who will always be a part of our family.

I’ve visited parks with 7 foot tall corn, and others with art tucked into corners. I rode some coasters, and screamed like a little girl. I’ve done the drive-in with exchange students, who then screamed like little girls on the twisty, dark, foggy ride back home. (Almost the highlight of my year, right there)

I visited hospitals, both laughing and crying.

I made art. I bought art. I became art.

Through it all I remained myself.

I welcome 2014 with eyes, ears, arms and heart wide open.

Bring it.

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